Paving Stones and Bricks

Slim Line Series

by Western Interlock, Inc.

The thinner profile of the Slim Line paver is a great solution for overlays where height is a concern or pedestrian areas which will never receive vehicular traffic. New to the paver industry, the Slim Line is an economical alternative to the very popular Camino Stone which also has an attractive finish.

Camino Stone

by Western Interlock, Inc.

The traditional cobble finish and many color choices give this stone an exciting array of possibilities, making it one of our most popular. Camino Stone is available in three sizes with old world charm and vivid color combinations that lend themselves well to beautiful project designs. Also available Tumbled (Roka).

Holland Stone

by Western Interlock, Inc.

This traditional rectangular shaped stone can be used in historical and contemporary applications alike. The rectangular shape fits well in several laying patterns. Holland stone is also readily used as an accent stone in borders, headers or detail bands. Combine the Holland with the Park and Plaza stones to add elegance and personality.

Park & Plaza Stone

by Western Interlock, Inc.

Park and Plaza Stone are Western Interlock perennial favorites. Available in three different finishes providing a measured contemporary to clean yet cobble or for the very rustic application try tumbled (Roka) finish!  With color combinations keyed to styles popular here in the Northwest, Park and Plaza Stone are sure to please. Consider using the Holland stones in your pattern the finishes are a perfect match!

Arena Stone

by Western Interlock, Inc.

A newer product which is simply 12″x12″ square! Available in solid colors and blends. The larger size is perfect for big open spaces. The Arena Stone can be used in conjunction with City Square or Individually as stepping stones.


City Stone

by Western Interlock, Inc.

Another new stone is the City Square, a smaller 6″x6″ square. It looks well alone, or City Square also dovetails nicely with our Arena Stone in a half scale ratio.


Octo Stone

by Western Interlock, Inc.

Octo Stone is a unique shape combining an octagon with a small square, creating a pleasing combination. To facilitate laying along an edge, an edge stone is available. Other paving stones may be laid around the perimeter to enhance the appeal.

Circle Systems “Rotundos”

by Western Interlock, Inc.

Rotundo Stone is a circle system that provides either a beautiful stand alone circular patio or intriguing inlaid patterns with other pavers. Cobble Rotundo Stone is available in an old world cobble surface. Let your imagination soar with creative ways this striking paver can be added to your landscape, from sweeping curves to steps or full circles.

Permeable Product

by Western Interlock, Inc.

It is important for projects to guarantee stability while both avoiding sealing of the earth and allowing for penetration of rain and storm water. Drain Pave offers a solid surface that is similar to a standard paving stone while still maintaining the high level of water drainage.

Also check out our Turf stone, preserving green space, reducing storm run-off and erosion control while allowing some grass or green material in what was otherwise paved.

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