Wall Systems

AB Collection

by Allan Block

A favorite for years, it stacks beautifully and creates a smooth, fluid finish for every wall and promises to deliver maximum performance. With the AB Ashlar Collection you can create a landscape masterpiece. Add a graceful definition to your home with the look and feel of classic cut stone. With a varied combination of shapes, textures and marbled colors building impressive landscape walls is easy. Check out the Allan Block Photo Album

AB Europa Collection

by Allan Block

The AB Europa Collection offers an infinite variety of ways to successfully capturethe rich, hand-laid stone effect. Use one block or a combination of the blocks to bring Old World charm and distinction to any landscape project.

The Courtyard Collection

by Allan Block

The AB Courtyard Collection is a free-standing, above ground wall and post system. It also serves well in fountains and ponds or as the basis of your outdoor kitchen. Check with your local representative to determine what is available in your area. All specifications are approximate, contact your local representative for exact sizes and weights. Check out the Allan Block Photo Album

Tegula Garden Wall

by Western Interlock, Inc.

Tegula Garden Wall features an old stone look that goes perfectly with Northwest landscaping style. You can create a variety of garden wall looks with the variety of colors. With Tegula, special corner stones are not required. You can add four and eight block columns for an attractive finishing touch. Tegula Garden Wallâ„¢ can be capped with our Roca Park and Roca Plaza Stones, or you can use Roca Camino Stone large rectangles.

Chateau Wall

by Western Interlock, Inc.

Chateau Wall opens new horizons in free standing garden wall and small retaining wall options. With its versatile modular sizing and glue together construction, Chateau Wallâ„¢ is an easy way creatively enhance your outdoor spaces.

Slope Block

by Western Interlock, Inc.

Slope Block retaining wall system is an exceptional choice for retaining walls. It forms a sloping wall from 2 to 42 feet high, with minimal excavation and backfill. Slope Block is a self-supporting segmented gravity retaining wall requiring no mortar, pins or steel reinforcement.

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